About Dr. Anthony Belo

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Anthony Belo, DPT, owner of Total Performance Physical Therapy, is a New York state licensed doctor of physical therapy. Dr. Belo underwent his physical therapy education at New York Institute of Technology where there is a strong focus on manual therapy techniques and hands on treatment approaches.

Dr. Belo was first introduced to the physical therapy field when he volunteered at a local outpatient physical therapy practice, which was followed by over 10 years of hands on work experience throughout his schooling. A graduate from NYIT '07, Dr. Belo has extensive experience and a strong knowledge base in treating sports injuries, orthopedic injuries, balance disorders, pre/post surgical rehab, as well as neurological conditions.

Dr. Belo'’s unique approach to physical therapy treatment enables him to develop healthy relationships with his patients, while providing optimal care. Dr. Belo’'s goal is to have each patient return to a healthy and active lifestyle through ensuring the best possible care.

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